BOB Revolution Flex Duallie 2.0 Jogging Stroller; Black

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19 in stock

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The BOB Revolution Flex Duallie 2.0 is an ideal on-and off-road jogging stroller for outdoor enthusiasts and urbanites alike. This double stroller is amazingly versatile. The swivel-locking front wheel maneuvers easily through crowded streets and locks for stability when jogging. Air-filled tires and mountain bike-style suspension keeps you running smoothly on any terrain and the 9-position adjustable handlebar fits parents of all heights. Quick-release design makes it easy to securely attach or detach both the front and back wheels. Adjustable front wheel tracking refines alignment with a simple twist of the knob; easily keep the stroller running straight when the front wheel is locked for jogging. The foot-activated parking brake secures stroller in the stopped position; while the wrist strap provides safety while running. Independent near-flat seat recline accommodates sleeping children; while the fully upright seating position lets them see the world on your adventures. Never rethread again; hassle-free five-point no-rethread harness allows for easy adjustments and when you have finished your journey; the convenient two-step fold is complete in seconds. Your children will have a cool; comfortable ride thanks to the ventilated seats and extra-large UPF 50+ canopies. Keep all supplies; gear; toys and snacks in the integrated pockets and extra-large cargo basket underneath the seat. This travel system-ready jogging stroller can be combined with an infant car seat by BOB or Britax when using the BOB Duallie Infant Car Seat Adapter (B01BPCN0JY sold separately). The Revolution Flex Duallie 2.0 Jogging Stroller can be used from birth up to 50 pounds each seat; 0-8 weeks with the use of an Infant Car Seat Adapter & compatible infant car seat; child height 44” or less. Adjustable padded handlebar height 33.5 to 50.5 inches. Stroller dimensions 48” L x 30.5” W x 43” H. Folded dimensions 40” L x 30.5” W x 17.5” H. Stroller weight 33.1 pounds. Wheel rims and spokes – high-impact polymer composite.

Product Dimensions

48 x 30.5 x 43 inches



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5 Pounds

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70 Pounds

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Poly/Dobby Weave

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Color: Black

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Item Weight33.1 pounds
Product Dimensions48 x 30.5 x 43 inches
Item model numberU601856
Minimum weight recommendation5 Pounds
Maximum weight recommendation70 Pounds
Material TypePoly/Dobby Weave
Number of items1
Batteries required

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  1. Matthew McCallum

    I love the stroller over all but since Britax owns them and made some changes the fabrics seem thinner, the hood flaps are thin and don’t Velcro as they did before just cheap feeling loops now.Biggest complaint is they changed the front wheel the quick release was fantastic this design not so much.

    Matthew McCallum

  2. E.J. Dyksen

    I bought this stroller in 2016, and it has performed well…for me.But you may not have read an article that came out today that details how hard this company fought against issuing a recall on the front, quick release wheel. There have been over 200 reports of injury submitted informing the company that during a run/walk the front wheel has spontaneously fallen off. Kids were injured along with parents.They held the CPSC off until they knew they could get a favorable settlement to avoid a recall.Up until now, I’ve fully committed to trusting this company with the safety of my kids, but I will have to think hard about my future purchases.Aside from the morals of the company, the product has served me well. It’s a beast to fold, but it has handled everything two kids can throw at it.

    E.J. Dyksen

  3. Katie H.

    So I was really hoping to love this stroller because all of my friends said it would be the solution to my biggest issue- I needed a long front ended stroller that my 5yo could sit on if he gets too tired from our long walks to the park (its about 2.5 miles round trip). This stroller absolutely has that feature- its like a full lounge chair for him in the front. He’s actually loves it. Here is why I’m not loving it: #1 The thing is MASSIVE. It feels a little bit ridiculous pushing it around and I would definitely knock everything over on the shelves if I were trying to take this in the grocery store/ coffee shop. #2 the sun shades feel super cheap and are wonky to put down and retract. The joints for the shade don’t open and close smoothly so you almost need two hands to move them. There are three stages of open sun coverage: totally open, next is just to block sun directly over head but wont block their eyes as all, the third is all the way open but its so low that it practically touches my 2.5yo knees and she cant see a thing. #3 Because there is no center bar on the handle dividing it into two sections, there is no place for me to hang my diaper bag that has EVERYTHING we need when out of the house. I would have to unpack it and put everything in the storage below every time we went for a walk. #4 When the shade is totally retracted it majorly hits my 2.5yo in the head. She is tall but not crazy big for her age.At the end if the day I *think* I have decided to go with the Baby Jogger Summit 3x . The front isn’t as generous but the intention is not for my son to sit on it the entire walk, but when he needs a break. It feels like a nicer quality, and is more manageable size.Side note: it didn’t come with a manual which I thought was strange.

    Katie H.

  4. Britax Customer Service

    This stroller is amazing! I take my twin girls for a jog at least 3-5 times a week. Since this stroller doesn’t allow two car seats at once I figured I try using it without. I use car seat inserts, since they are still very small weighing 9 and 11 lbs. The straps are still very big across them, but it still keeps them nice and snug. The ride is awesome! I was a little worried transitioning from sidewalk to street without having to stop but it didn’t bother the girls at all!! The suspension is amazing! Also I thought it was going to be tough trying to push the stroller with one hand especially with me struggling with asthma but it is not hard at all. I tried locking the wheel but it seems that option is only good if u are going straight. I run on a trail that has quite a few turns and hills so locking didn’t help. This stroller can be pushed and turned very easily with one hand. I have had my girls and my dog on the front end with stuff in the under carriage and it went with ease. Another thing I loved was how easy it went through my front door! I highly recommend this stroller!

    Britax Customer Service

  5. LFC8

    Can’t go wrong with a BOB – having had a single stroller of a differing brand, I opted to find a BOB for the double stroller. Still like my single stroller, and it gets the job done and runs great, but I can honestly say the BOB has all of the bells and whistles that I was willing to pay a little extra for. Smooth ride and LOTs of storage space. Only downside is that I have to take a wheel off every time I put it in my mid-size car trunk. If you have a truck or SUV, you’ll probably be fine. Still worth it for me though – the wheels aren’t hard to take off and put back on, so I didn’t take off a star for that. If BOB made it any more compact, it would likely compromise the strength and durability of the stroller.


  6. TheMrs.R

    Can’t say enough. We love this. We have 3 kids 2,4,6 and when they are all exhausted they can actually all snuggle in here just fine and ride.


  7. Britax Customer Service

    I have three little kids (ages 4, 3 and 2) and one on the way and this stroller is a MUST!! I had a tandem stroller for a little while when my first two were born and it was IMPOSSIBLE to maneuver after they were past 18 months old. But the Bob Flex Duallie is a DREAM to push! I can have two kids in the seats and one kid sitting on the foot rest and STILL push it with one finger!!If you have kids that are close in age, don’t fight it… buy a double stroller IMMEDIATELY, you’ll be so happy you did! And if you want a double stroller you will LOVE, get the Duallie.I only wish I had bought this when my first two were born. I’ll still get a ton of use out of it though.The Duallie has ample storage underneath. I can store a large back pack, jackets and a small lunch cooler. Plus there is storage behind the seats and next to the kids for their cups and snack bags.The seats recline to almost laying down. Ideal for naps!The sun shades on these are AMAZING and cover the kid entirely when they nap. No need for the added blanket usually used.For those parents who are looking at this stroller and have 2+ kids, this is an IDEAL stroller, because your older one can easily sit on the footrest. Honestly, if I only had two kids who were 3+ years apart I would have gotten the single and just had my oldest sit on the footrest. But for those of you with kids close in age, the duallie is a MUST!

    Britax Customer Service

  8. Kristeenie

    Having used a pre-2016 BOB FLEX single stroller for our first child, I knew that I would be buying a BOB FLEX Duallie with the arrival of our second. My decision was whether is was worth the extra money to buy the 2016 model. I went with the 2016 and I’m glad I did because (almost) all of my grievances with my BOB single were fixed or improved in the 2016 Duallie.1. The recline function on my older BOB is made up of two adjustable straps and annoying to use, and the child can’t sit completely upright – the 2016 Duallie is an easy button push AND allows for the child to sit almost completely upright2. The canopy bunches up when closed on the older BOBs and the plastic window gets in the way of the child’s headspace – somehow they changed the canopy on the 2016 Duallie and the canopy doesn’t bunch up as much. It still has 4 positions- closed, fully extended (which provides complete shade for the child) half open with a peek-a-boo window, and half open without the window.3. The storage space is lacking in older models – they lowered the storage basket on the 2016 and it’s plenty large for 2 kids and can be accessed from the side4. The brake foot pedal is improved on the 2016 so that it can be pushed both off and on using the bottom of your foot (in other words, it’s flip flop friendly!)5. The rear wheels are easier to pop on and off in the 2016For me, the recline function was enough to make the 2016 worth the extra money just because it was previously so annoying to me and my toddler has recently started insisting on sitting completely upright to see everything.If you’ve not used a BOB before, I’ll just reiterate that it runs super smooth and turns on a dime. Even with a double, it’s so balanced that I can run with just one child and steer with one hand without any pull. The down side to the stroller is just it’s size and weight; the thing is really a beast and takes up the whole back storage of our Town & Country. However, our use case for a double stroller is mostly for the outdoors, so the smooth ride is the most important concern for us. I think that despite the big wheels, even out shopping the stroller will be a pleasure to use because it can turn easily around aisles. Yes, it’s no fun getting it in and out of the car, but that’s a few seconds of annoyance for a double stroller that I can push one-handed and be used on all terrain.



    TERRIBLE quality and horrendous customer service. BEWARE! We loved this stroller until both of the buckle straps broke on us in the same week right after the one year mark. Since the buckle straps broke, this stroller was essentially useless. It was totally unsafe for my children to ride in. I contacted Amazon twice and BOB twice about the issue. Amazon directed me to BOB since the product was a year old. BOB was non-responsive, rude and finally sent me a replacement part. After 3 hours of trying to install the replacement part, we discovered that BOB sent us the wrong part. I am so wildly disappointed in the quality of this product. I reached back out to Amazon and they offered me $20. I spend a ridiculous amount on Amazon each year and I would expect them to stand by a product they sell. I seriously cannot believe this stroller broke after only a year. My friends have had their older model for years, so my guess is that it’s because I chose to upgrade to the 2016. Terrible decision. Now I’m out $600 and have no stroller. What a waste. If you purchase, don’t expect any help when the stroller breaks…


  10. SupaF1y

    Great stroller. I couldn’t recommend anything else. It’s just a pleasure to have around and it pushes and folds up really easy. It’s wide so it wont fit through narrow areas but it will fit through any ADA doorway…. which should be every commercial and business door. Accessories for it like the table is a must, kids love it.