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  1. In 2012, Wilson, the Founder and visionary behind the Sandalup brand, saw this great opportunity – a very diligent sandal craftsman team of over 15 years experience managed by his wonderful wife Sue to sell online direct to the consumer. Their workshop has developed their own designers, makers, and marketers to provide you, the consumer, with the best product with today’s trends. The SANDALUP team is passionate to bring you a comfortable sandal that highlights your inner beauty and empowers as a modern woman.
  2. For over 17 years this workshop in the southern region of China called Guangdong, Sue and her family’s business had been creating amazing sandals and footwear. Their family business has been producing goods for the top brands in North America and Europe, providing consistent quality and delivery for these major companies.

About elastic sandals

●NO BONDAGE: The elastic straps will extend depending on your foot type.

●SAFE BAND: Adding the inner front strap is not elastic, which will prevent your feet from slipping out of the shoes.

●HEEL: The heel measures approximately 0.5″

●DESIGH: In 2010, the elemental design of the elastic band was discovered by our designer Sue, who was the first designer of the elemental sandals. When I tried on elastic sandals, I knew that this was what I was looking for.

●THREE STYLE: Currently sue is working on different elastic style shoes. Stay tuned, she will bring you more surprises.

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Different styles and colors for your choice

We have 3 styles and 12 colors. Summer Flats Sandals for Women, multiple colors for your choices.

Any Occasions

SANDALUP elastic sandals suitable for outdoor walking, entertainment, concert, leisure, party, work, Wedding and beach or other relaxing occasions.

Easily Match Clothing

Perfect for dress, short T shirt dress, wide leg pants, skinny jean or jeans, uniforms,etc.

Best summer gift

We chase comfort and fashion. So they will be the best gift for your special friend, mother, wife, daughter, etc.





How to Produce?

Hand drawn design drawings with elements.Polish new size shoe wooden pattern.Cut the shape of the upper, stitch the inner lining, and the midline of the car line.After sanding the midsole, the outsole and the midsole are bonded. The sandals are finally formed.

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  1. Slacker5001

    I enjoy the shoes. I found them to be ever so slightly larger than I expected but not enough to really cause too many issues. But it definitely felt a bit odd walking in them first as a result. I found my foot slipping slowly backwards and my toes beneath the top strap. So there was a lot of readjusting my foot when I was first walking in them.Other than that the straps were comfortable. The elastic straps are snug but not uncomfortably so I found. Only if I was standing for long periods of time did I find the straps a bit uncomfortable when I would reach down to adjust them.The brown material that you’re foot rests on it not very sturdy. I scrapped it on the cement within the first week of owning them and it scrapped the brown away. It definitely made the shoes look pretty scratched up VERY quickly. And dust really liked to cling to the dark blue straps on mine. But it was also easy to clean off the dust.Overall though these were relatively cheap shoes so you get what you pay for really. A good cheap pair of sandals that do their job comfortably.


  2. dlo1956

    Love these. They are so comfortable. What’s not comfortable about elastic straps? Nothing. I have 2 pair. Black and navy blue. My daughter liked them so I bought a pair for her. Now that’s an accomplishment when you have a 25 year old liking something a 60 year old has. lol Watch when you order. Look at the picture closely because there are 2 kinds. One has the sole in a dark color while the other is lighter. My daughter likes the dark one and I bought her the light one. Didn’t notice it until she mentioned it because I have the darker one. So it’s just a matter of preference. I would definitely recommend these.


  3. J. Lee

    UPDATED REVIEW!! MAY 28, 2017so i’ve have this shoe for almost a year…wow..!! And there is a few things about the sandal i want to follow up on! The sandal itself is quite flimsy…it’s VERY bendable and basically feels like you’re walking barefoot because there is no support at all! the sandal is so flimsy that the tip of my sandal is all scratched up bc it’s constantly bending. by the time i noticed my sandal is no good, it was too late to return it, so i decided to just keep it. dont get me wrong, these sandals has flaws but they are cute! and i still wear them around (even after a year later)! though they are not practical to wear for long periods of time.HOWEVER! Very recently, i got an email from the company of the sandals! and they read my previous review below and wanted to give me a half refund on the sandals!! I was quite surprised by the email….they heard how unsatisfied i was about the sandals and wanted to give me a half refund on them. however,i kindly refused their offer, it didn’t sit well with me to take a refund when i’ve already owned the shoes for a year. even though the sandal itself has a few flaws, i still wore it around and liked the style of it a lot. But, i was touched that they cared so much about their customer’s satisfactory.ORIGINAL REVIEW: JULY 16, 2016first thing first. order half a size down from your regular shoe size!! I’m a 7.5 and I’m glad I got the 7!! fits just right! I walk just fine in these but the top of my feet is a little loose. so sometimes I can easily slip out of the top side. but it may be bc the top strap isn’t as elastic as the ones around the ankle (it’s a lot more stiff). I did see some of the glue sticking out from the side. hopefully that won’t be an issue for the future but just fyi. but overall, this is a great sandal! design is pretty!!

    J. Lee

  4. Maria

    I’ve been on the hunt for casual black sandals to wear on an everyday basis, and these are just what I wanted! They look pretty stylish, both the toe strap and the heel strap are elastic for maximum comfort, and they’re nice and flat for walking. The only comfort downsides are that a) the faux leather part on the bottom of the heel strap rubs a little bit until you break them in, and b) they have absolutely zero arch support, but I could tell that from the picture so it’s no big deal. They are also, as other reviewers have mentioned, a little flimsy in the footbed– you’ll want to be careful especially when going up and down stairs until you get used to the amount of give in the toe.The sizing feels pretty accurate to me. I usually wear either a 9.5 or a 10, and I’m right in the middle ground between medium and wide, and the size 10M fit me perfectly– I wouldn’t be mad if they were just a hair wider, but they’re not so narrow that my feet are sticking out of them.A minor logistical note: this listing has two slightly different sandal styles, and I believe the ones that *don’t* have the number 1 in the name (the ones that have two small brown leather loops close to the heel) are the ones that have most of the bad reviews about people’s feet sliding out of the beds. I bought the other style, the ones that have a 1 after the color name, and I haven’t had any problems with that at all after a couple weeks of almost-daily use, so make sure to choose wisely!I’m not too optimistic about the durability of these sandals, but for $20 I’m perfectly okay with them only lasting a year or two. I’ll try to remember to update this review if they end up breaking down after a few months of use.


  5. Erin P

    These are the best sandals for the price! I only purchased them because of all of the amazing reviews and I definitely wasn’t fooled. I purchased both the tan and black ones and I rotate wearing them. I’ve worn them almost every day for the past 5 months and haven’t had any issues. They feel like I’m barefoot. I absolutely love these and will be ordering at least 4 more sets just so I can make sure to always have a back up for when they do go bad. But no issues as of 5 months in.I will have to say make sure to pick up your feet when you walk or you can rub the material right off the front part of the shoe by dragging it.

    Erin P

  6. Rebecca Kennedy

    I left a happy review.. which I’m am happy with the product! But I decided to exchange the shoes for a size smaller. I am normally a size 8 and these shoes fit me but we’re definitely big on me! After reading many reviews I decided to returns these and I ordered a size 7. They’re are great quality, thick and made well! Just really long on the toes and heels! So order a size down! But I still remember these shoes! So worth the money!Edit: both Black and Tan size 7 worked perfectly for me. Wore them both on my trip to DR!HIGHLY RECOMMEND! But they do run big.. I’m normally a size 8.

    Rebecca Kennedy

  7. Amazon Customer

    First of all these are so cute. I love how they look, however I agree that given the materials they may not hold up super well, but for the price they are great. I was uncertain what size to buy given some reviews saying they run big and some saying they run small. I wear a 9.5 but have very wide feet so usually have to go up to a 10. I bout a 10 and they are perfect. A 9 would have been too small. The straps are snug, but not too tight.

    Amazon Customer

  8. Mae b

    Very nicely packaged. Comes with a clear thicker plastic to protect your sandals during delivery. Elastic bands are very comfortable and did not tighten or squeeze my feet. Walked around downtown Chicago for two hours and sandals with held all that walking and my feet had no marks or scratches on the heel. Only wish it had a higher arch support so it wasn’t so flat. Otherwise great and I will probably end up purchasing other colors. Also I apologize for the horrible painted toes lol.

    Mae b

  9. Teresa

    Not worth your money. I bought these shoes because I wanted cute cheap sandals. You get what you pay for I guess. My feet were absolutely killing me by the end of the day! I would of been better off wearing nothing at all. After 3 days of wearing them, they tops were the toes are all scuffed up. They look like they are over a year old. I would send them back if it wouldn’t cost me what they are worth to ship them back and get my money back. I wouldn’t get them.


  10. April T.

    I normally wear a 7.5 or 8 in sandals depending on the type. Reading through the reviews some say size down because these run too big, and some say size up because they run too small. I was so conflicted on what to pick!!! I decided on sizing down because I saw a few reviews about how the toe of the shoe catches the ground and scuffs or trips them. I figured the less shoe length sticking out farther than my big toe, the better. So I ordered a size 7. They fit PERFECT! They are actually a little loose, but I could not have gone down another size in length. I also got my other sandals today I ordered from a major retailer (Lauren Conrad brand) in a size 8, so I snapped some pictures to show the size comparison. These shoes definitely run big length wise, so SIZE DOWN if you have regular to narrow feet.Because they are a little loose, and not super snug like some of the reviews stated, I worry about sliding around too much in these. I will post an update after I have tried them a couple times. Also the color is very light olive as opposed to the darker olive in the picture. Those are my reasons for not giving 5 stars. I really wanted a darker color like pictured. I hope this review helps!

    April T.